York TUC supports the ‘Reclaim your NHS’ regional demo in York April 6th


In 2012 the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats pushed the Health and Social care act through parliament, despite mass opposition from the public and health professionals.  Neither party proposed such changes in their manifesto and therefore had no mandate for this top down re-organisation and privatisation of the NHS.

The cost of this programme is £1.4bn, which is taking away money from front line services, resulting in longer waiting lists and a drop in the number of nursing staff.  In September 2012 it was reported that almost 6,000 nurses’ posts have disappeared since the 2010 election.  The effect of this shake up is also affecting the public approval rating of the NHS – when the coalition came into power in 2010 the NHS had an all time high approval rating of 70%, this has subsequently dropped to 58% in 2012.

This act is creating a two tier NHS, allowing hospitals to give 49% of care to private patients and opening the door for private companies to carve up the NHS, to the benefit of shareholders and to the detriment of tax payers.  On top of this, the act removes the government’s legal duty to provide health care for all.

A Yorkshire and Humber ‘Reclaim your NHS’ regional demonstration is taking place on Saturday 6th April, starting at 12 noon outside York Minster.  York & District Trades Union Council supports this event and call on the public to join in the demonstration and show your opposition to this unmandated and unwarranted restructuring of the NHS.  Further details of the demonstration can be found at defendournhsyork.wordpress.com

The NHS is one of the greatest post-war achievements, we must campaign to keep it and stop the creeping privatisation before it is too late.

Find out more on April 6th in York at a public march and rally 

 12 noon –  2pm from the Minster to St Sampson’s Square

Assemble Dean’s Park next to York Minster



York TUC support the ‘Reclaim Your NHS’ regional demo to be held in York

ImageYork TUC support the regional ‘Reclaim your NHS’ demonstration to be held in York on Saturday 6th April, 12 noon starting at York Minster.

The organisers say:

It is now one year since the Coalition forced through the Health and Social Care  Act despite opposition from doctors, nurses and the public. The Act:

  •  Flung the doors of the NHS wide open to “any qualified provider”. Big companies like Virgin, Serco and Circle have already won huge contracts and more than 100 other firms have been given the green light to carve up the NHS and make fat profits for their shareholders.
  • Raised the limit on private health care in NHS Hospitals from around 2 % to 49% encouraging a 2 tier service within the same hospital.
  • Removed the legal duty on the government to provide health care for all.

If we do nothing, the NHS will be lost to us and our children. We can expect more rationing of operations, postcode lotteries and a rapid slide towards an insurance based health care system like that in the US, where millions have no right to free health care, costs of bureaucracy are sky high, outcomes are poor, corruption is rife and thousands are bankrupted each year by falling ill despite having insurance.

 Nye Bevan said that the Health Service would last as long as there are people left to fight for it – here’s one chance to stand up and fight.

Assemble 12 noon at York Minster

   Rally in St. Sampson’s Square 1-2pm

The demonstration is organised by Defend our NHS/ Keep Our NHS Public groups from York, Leeds, Hull, Bradford, Kirklees, Calderdale and Harrogate.

For further details visit the Facebook event page at http://www.facebook.com/events/317304915059362/

Visit the Defend NHS York site at http://defendournhsyork.wordpress.com/