York TUC deplores City of York Council cuts

York Trades Union Council, which represents thousands of workers across York, deplores the loss of livelihoods and decline of services announced by the City of York Council.

York is a wealthy town, with two of the world’s richest companies operating within its boundaries. If they paid back a tiny portion of their profits to the city that helps create them, then they could resolve our budget deficit at a stroke. We call on them to do so and for the Council to back this call.

This is a time of crisis for normal working people, a crisis caused by the bankers and made worse by their friends in Government. We call for progressive taxation and forceful collection of taxes from the big corporations.

We recognise that this government is headed in the opposite direction. But it is crucial that we try and create a better, fairer world. So we call on all citizens to oppose these cuts by all lawful means and for trade unionists to start organising action to protect and support public services.


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