Beat the cuts

Dear colleagues

Can you help us beat the Con-Dem government cuts?  We are in the process of producing evidence to show that not only will these cuts not work, they will throw thousands of people out of work, and also make it impossible to continue to produce the high level of services that are currently available in our communities. So, if you have any information about how the budget cuts have affected your workplace, or how services will be reduced,  then please let us have the details so that we can make sure that all MPs are challenged on the devastating effects these cuts will have on everyone in both the public and private sectors.

Contact us now at:

There are already countless examples of the effects of the cuts, such as up to 40% fewer police officers on the beat, almost 100 school rebuilding projects in the region scrapped and the government prediction of 50,000 jobs lost due to their slash and burn policies,  including teachers, administrators and healthcare workers.

We want to expose this government for what they are doing to our region, our communities and our people.  These are just a few examples of what is happening but we want your help to paint a true picture of the misery and hardship with which people in this region may be faced.

So send any inforation you have on the effects of these cuts to us here at:

John Lewis
Policy Officer
Yorkshire & the Humber TUC


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