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Anger over NHS crisis provokes yet another mass demonstration

The national NHS demonstration that took place over the last few days was a collective scream at the Government not to tamper any further with the UK healthcare system. This winter has seen the worst crisis in living memory stretch NHS resources to the absolute limit; NHS Trusts nationwide have been absolutely clear that although […]

A big show of support for socialist healthcare – a poor show of silence by the corporate media

It’s not every year that the first day of a party conference is met by 60,000 activists, marching in opposition to a single political issue. But, as the famously astute (yet famously ineffectual) Chancellor Nigel Lawson drily observed – “The NHS is the closest thing that the English have to a religion”. On Sunday 29th […]


19th September 2013: For immediate release. YORK Trades Union Council (YTUC) are sending coaches carrying York citizens to Manchester to tell David Cameron and the Conservative Party conference that the people of York do not want their NHS privatised. The North West Regional TUC has called a demonstration and has invited unions, trades councils and […]

York TUC supports the ‘Reclaim your NHS’ regional demo in York April 6th

In 2012 the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats pushed the Health and Social care act through parliament, despite mass opposition from the public and health professionals.  Neither party proposed such changes in their manifesto and therefore had no mandate for this top down re-organisation and privatisation of the NHS. The cost of this programme is £1.4bn, […]

York TUC support the ‘Reclaim Your NHS’ regional demo to be held in York

York TUC support the regional ‘Reclaim your NHS’ demonstration to be held in York on Saturday 6th April, 12 noon starting at York Minster. The organisers say: It is now one year since the Coalition forced through the Health and Social Care  Act despite opposition from doctors, nurses and the public. The Act:  Flung the […]